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On February 9th and 10th the Netherlands Chief of Defence, General Tom Middendorp organized the biennial Future Force Conference (www.ffc2017.org). This year's theme was "From partnerships to ecosystems: combining our efforts for a more secure world".

One of the breakout session "Borders in Global Disorder (II) / The Fault Line or External and Internal Security" was organized and coordinated by The Clingendael Institute, The Hague (www.clingendael.nl).

In this session Rear admiral Luc-Marie Lefebvre (Deputy Operation Commander for EUNAVFORMED operation Sophia Mission), Lt.-Gen. Harry van den Brink (Commander of the Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary), Prof Christof Roos (Research Professor Migration & Diversity), Jacki Davis (moderator) and Pieter Voeten (MD EASP AIR MARSUR/ISR) participated as panel members.

Herewith a brief compilation of the contribution of EASP AIR, which was focused on the benefits of eco-systems in the domain of border security.

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