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EASP Air can supply and mount Airborne Surveillance Mission Systems on demand Configuration and specifications in mutual agreement

EASP Air offers a short and medium term solution. In the event of fleet renewal and training, EASP Air offers her customers the ability to continue the execution of their missions

MMS as fitted in DO328
Typical configuration:

   •   EO/IR equipment
   •   Tactical Mission Management System MMS
   •   INMARSAT SatComData transmission
   •   Side Looking Airborne Radar (SLAR)
   •   Infrared/Ultraviolet (IR/UV) Line Scanner

   •   AIS Receiver
   •   SAR Direction Finder
   •   Search Radar System
   •   Micro Wave Radiometer (MWR)
   •   Observer Stations
   •   Other, TBD

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