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EASP Air; who we are and about our expertise

EASP Air BV is a Schiphol-based service provider of airborne operations and integrated surveillance missions under EASA-PART SPO. Our services are primarily focused to governments, Civ/Mil Authorities and NGOs. We deploy our flight operations on a worldwide basis.

Our support to your operations
EASP Air brings together all kinds of expertise within the areas of flight operations, Maritime Patrol and Surveillance, ISR and data collection, logistics, maintenance, MEDEVAC, extraction and on-site (VIP) airlift support. In our portfolio you will find a unique blend of customers like the UK Government and FRONTEX.

Our innovative approach enhancing your situational awareness
We offer an innovative and comprehensive Maritime and ISR Aerial Surveillance Solution. Flight ops, equipment configuration, project management, data processing, training, recommendations and reports; all these elements should result in the enhancement of your situational awareness picture.

What can we do for you?
EASP Air works with a team of highly experienced partners for aircraft (lease solutions), equipment (provisioning and integration), data processing and maintenance. It is with this approach that EASP Air can guarantee you lean and mean, cost efficient, tailor made solutions, hence lowering your operating costs.

Pieter Voeten
Managing Director

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